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Error code

We have 4 month old SD7DVD Proburner running 5.51 firmware, which has started to report the following error upon duplicating dvds "ERROR! targets M code mixed" it then proceeds to eject the blank discs. We have tried rebooting, tried different media brands but still get the same error. I have telephoned the technical support line who were unable to solve the problem and directed me to online technical help.

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Nic - 2006-05-23 19:02:14

Dear James,

The error message you are experiencing is indicating the mix of different type of blank medias.

Every single media has a unique manufacture code embedded in the disc. Such code is oftened referred as “M-Code”.

We use the “M-Code” to tell whether the you are using the same type disc for duplication since the same disc type during the duplication is very important.

The issue you are having is when the system has detected that one or more media has a different “M-Code” compare to the 1st blank media you have inserted.

Please confirm that with “Disc Info” under “Utilies”. It will tell you the “M-Code” for every blank media.

I hope that helps.

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