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StorDigital Systems are the UKs leading supplier of digital duplication and publishing technology. From Hard Drive duplication to USB key printing we have a product or service to meet your needs. Call us on 020 8293 0777 to find out more.

Our latest product include a range of professional hard drive duplicators and a range of scalable USB duplication solutions.

Can't find what you are looking for or new to duplication technology? Get in touch so we can understand your needs and guide you to the most suitable solution.

StorDigital Systems is 100% UK owned.

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Unbranded Bulk


Unbranded Bulk

Our unbranded bulk media is perfect for high volume duplication purposes. Cellpacked in 100s the CDR discs come with a clean durable silver upperside and a near silver underside. Suitable for high speed duplication up to 52X. StorDigital unbranded bulk DVD-R is perfect for duplication facilities looking to ensure maximum playback compatability. Available in DVD-R format rated up to 16X StorDigital bulk DVDs have a clean error-free recording layer.

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