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StorDigital Systems are the UKs leading supplier of digital duplication and publishing technology. From Hard Drive duplication to USB key printing we have a product or service to meet your needs. Call us on 020 8293 0777 to find out more.

Our latest product include a range of professional hard drive duplicators and a range of scalable USB duplication solutions.

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What is a Duplicator and how does it work?


CD and DVD Duplicators and in house CD DVD duplication systems are new technologies that enable home, office and professional users to produce high volumes of CDs and DVDs.

No computer or technical experience is necesssary and the machines are operated without the use of a PC. Once you have purchased your duplicator, all you have to get to do it get a master CD or DVD to copy from and buy some blank CDs or DVDs to copy to. Then insert the discs into your duplication machine, press 1 button and your discs will be copied and ejected ready for distribution. A typical tower duplicator combines a controller card, disc reader (source) and multiple disc writers (targets) within a case. During operation the master disc (the disc you wish to copy) will be inserted in the reader drive. You will then insert the blanks in the subsequent writer/target drives.

The duplicator systems is as simple to use as that. Further and more complex operations are available enabled by the onboard controller. To access the extended functions simple use the intuitive naviagation system. All duplicators are supplied with a user manual that explains all the functions of the duplicator and how to access them.

Our tower CD duplicators are capable of duplicating CDs at a rate of between 2 and 5 minutes per recording session. Our tower DVD duplicators will copy discs in between 10 and 25 minutes per recording session.

The speed of duplication is determined by the speed rating of the recording media, the size of the data on your master, the quality of the recordable media, whether you are using a hard drive and other factors determined by yourself by way of the controller.